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This page is a translated version of the page WikiLove and the translation is 54% complete.

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感謝によって、私たちは他者の美徳を自分のものにする。 — ヴォルテール

ウィキラブは、他の利用者に向けた感謝の言葉を簡単に楽しく送れるようにするために開発された機能です。最初 Ryan Kaldari によってユーザースクリプトとして開発され、現在はMediaWiki拡張機能として提供されています。


利用者はみな評価を受けるのが好きです。2011年のウィキペディア編集者アンケートによれば(おおまかな結果についてはtop-line dataを参照)、17の選択肢のうち、「熟練編集者から見下されること」が編集頻度を下げるもっとも大きな要因(69%の一致率)であること、「自分の編集や記事について賞賛を受けること」が編集頻度をあげるもっとも大きな要因(78%の一致率)であることが分かりました。関連して、「肯定的な評価は編集に役立つというウィキペディア編集者からの声」("Positive feedback works for editing, say Wikipedia editors")というウィキメディアブログの記事もご覧ください。




  • June 16, 2011: WikiLove activated on
  • June 24, 2011: WikiLove on-by-default for registered users on; blog announcement calling for testers
  • June 30, 2011: WikiLove deployed to the English Wikipedia. See WikiLove actions.
  • October 28, 2011: WikiLove deployed to the Macedonian Wikipedia (under the name "ВикиЉубов").



Turn WikiLove on or off using the checkbox in your preferences.



The WikiLove configuration is one large JSON object, so to make a change or addition, all you have to do is modify the values that are assigned to the keys. To see what values are currently assigned, first check the MediaWiki:WikiLove.js page on your local wiki. This will have any local overrides. Next, take a look at the default configuration. This will show you the basic tree of data that makes up the settings for WikiLove. Once you have decided what values you want to change, go to your skin.js file on the wiki you are using. (If you are on the English Wikipedia, for example, you would edit this page.) To change an existing item, simply override its value with an assignment statement.

Change an existing type[edit]

For example, if you wanted to change the display name 'Kittens' to 'Cats', you would add the following to your local .js file (User:Example/skin.js):

mw.loader.using( 'ext.wikiLove.defaultOptions', function() {
  $ = 'Cats';
} );

If you wanted to change the image for Stroopwafels, you would add:

mw.loader.using( 'ext.wikiLove.defaultOptions', function() {
  $ = 'Stroopwafels.jpg';
} );


You can also add an entirely new item type (or subtype) using the JSON tree structure. For example to add "Hedgehogs":

mw.loader.using( 'ext.wikiLove.defaultOptions', function() {
$.wikiLoveOptions.types.hedgehog = {
  name: 'Hedgehogs', // name of the type (appears in the types menu)
  fields: [ 'header', 'message' ], // fields to ask for in form
  header: 'A hedgehog for you!', // header that appears at the top of the talk page post (optional)
  text: '[[Special:MyLanguage/$3|left|150px]]\n$1\n\n~~'+'~~\n<br style="clear: both"/>', // $3 is the image filename, $1 is the message
  gallery: {
    imageList: [ 'Hedgehog1.jpg', 'Orizo5.jpg', 'Erinaceus europaeus LC0119.jpg' ],
    width: 145,
    height: 150,
    number: 3
  icon: ''
} );

Make sure you declare all of the appropriate parameters when adding new items! To learn about all the different type parameters, refer to the extension documentation.


The Photoshop source file for the WikiLove type icons (the black and white icons that appear in the left-hand menu) can be downloaded here. To create your own, paste in a graphic that is approximately 50 x 50 pixels, desaturate it, and copy and paste the styles that are applied to the examples in the source file.


You can also customize the WikiLove heart icon used in the Vector skin by editing your vector.css file (User:Example/vector.css). If you want to change the red heart icon to a blue heart, for example, you would add the following:

#ca-wikilove.icon a {
  background-image: url("/w/extensions/WikiLove/resources/images/heart-icons-blue.png");

Requests for Additional Deployment[edit]

Individual wikis may request that WikiLove be deployed to them provided the following criteria are met:

  • Community consensus for the deployment has been reached
  • The WikiLove extension has been localized to that wiki's language on TranslateWiki (you can help here)
  • A configuration file exists on the local wiki (MediaWiki:WikiLove.js)

Once these criteria are met, open a bug in Phabricator requesting the deployment.


WikiLove collects data in its own tables, but this data isn't surfaced through the UI yet. To quickly see what's going on, you can use edit filter 423 on the English Wikipedia.

We're collecting stories of WikiLove usage here to better understand its evolving impact: WikiLove/Stories

Some preliminary analysis: WikiLove/Analysis