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WMF Projects/Upgrade Payments Infrastructure

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Feature justification[edit]

Current payment server is not scaling

User requirements[edit]

Be able to serve 100% of our banners with 1click donations at a 3% (best banner) + 2% (variance window)


Upgrade payments server with the following

Software design document[edit]

Our goal is to allow for Squid caching of the credit card gateway form and its variants to reduce server load. In order to support this, the software that supports the forms (DonationInterface/payflowpro_gateway extension) will require some rearchitecting.

Test plan[edit]

Use Apache Bench (ab) to determine page load times for the various forms under different load scenarios, with different scaling configurations, compare results to baseline (no LVS/squid/APC) results to determine efficacy.

Documentation plan[edit]

User interface design docs[edit]

None needed yet


Test APC[edit]

  • 10/8 - Test APC

APC was not enough to take on the full load of the Jimmy Appeal @ 30% or 60%. Details to follow.


  • 10/5

LVS + Memcache[edit]

  • 10/22 (or 10/29) - Test LVS+Memcache

Task management[edit]

Hardware Orders[edit]

  • Upgrade main payments box to 6core version RT #274

Release management plan[edit]

Community management plan[edit]

Document lessons learned and coordinate with chapters.


Scaling Meeting