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This is a WMF project page for the rollout of Open Web Analytics, as part of our broader effort to have better analytics tools at WMF. This effort is now over as we have determined that OWA did not suit our needs; see these notes.

Feature justification[edit]

We need better analytics capabilities for purposes of usability testing, fundraising, A/B testing, etc

User requirements[edit]

Drafted Requirements


OWA Reqs

Software design document[edit]

Test plan[edit]

Documentation plan[edit]

User interface design docs[edit]

Not applicable -- using stock OWA interface.


  • Deploying on new hardware
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Documentation
    • Educating banner creators about owa
  • Security Audit
  • Community engangemnt
  • Ops sign off
  • Deployment

Task management[edit]

  • Develop Google Analytics tracking
  • Develop E-Commerce API
  • Spec Hardware
  • Order Hardware
  • Integrate with Puppet
  • Setup Daemon
  • Further develop visualization layer

Release management plan[edit]

Community management plan[edit]

Meeting Notes[edit]