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This is a WMF project page for the deployment of the CLDR extension to the Wikimedia cluster.

  • Main feature page: Extension:CLDR
  • Feature justification: The CLDR extension allows us to generate localized lists of language names. This is mainly useful on multilingual projects like Commons and Meta. Currently these projects use complex template systems to accomplish this which must be maintained by hand on each separate wiki. The CLDR extension will allow us to improve the interfaces for tools like CentralNotice and UploadWizard. This extension will also allow us to develop smarter parser functions for languages. (See Bugzilla:16699)
  • User requirements: Provide a function for retrieving localized lists of languages (done)
  • Specification: See Extension:CLDR
  • Software design document: Software is already completed.
  • Test plan: Test locally (done), deploy to test wiki and check for breakage, deploy to cluster and check for breakage.
  • Documentation plan: Documented at Extension:CLDR. No further docs planned.
  • User interface design docs (no user interface)
  • Schedule: (none yet)
  • Task management: Deployment will be coordinated with Roan by Ryan Kaldari
  • Release management plan: Release whenever resources are available (Roan)
  • Community management plan: Document release with tech blog post and post to wikitech-l (Kaldari)