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Flagged Revisions have been used on the German language Wikipedia for a while now, and is being considered for the English version. What is missing is an empirical survey showing what the impact is relating to the fact that anonymous edits are not longer shown to everyone immediately.


The following questions need to be researched:

  • how did the total number of anonymous edits develop since the "sighting" feature was activated?
  • how did the number of reverts of anonymous edits develop?
  • how did the number of IP blocks (and user blocks) develop?
  • how did the number of page (semi-)protection develop?
  • how did the number of "sighted" (audited) anonymous edits develop?
  • what's the average time until an anonymous edit is flagged or reverted?
  • how did the number of new users develop (excluding permanently blocked users; Maybe considering only users that have n edits)

These numbers would help to determine if revision flagging in fact deters vandalism, that is, if life has become easier for admins, but also to see if "good" contributors are kept from editing. In order to judge the relevance of the results, they should be compared to:

  • Numbers to the same period one year before
  • Numbers from other Wikipedias (en, fr)


These Numbers can be derived from the log and the revision table. The only problematic bit is identifying reverts (including "real" reverts, "undo" edits and manual reverts "rvv"). In theory, rev_parent_id could be used for this, but that needs some testing.


See WMDE_contract_offers for how to apply for a contract.