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Welcome to the Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. Engineering portal. Here you can find information about our engineering work, projects, processes and mentoring program. Everyone is invited to join our projects. The software development & engineering team and many volunteer developers are responsible for the features and projects listed on this portal.

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Mentoring for new developers

For us your personal development is paramount. We are helping you to identify your strengths and find your own project at Wikimedia.

We offer internships, working student contracts, dissertations for pupils and students. Each pupil and student gets a mentor who supports them with their personal development.

These are the following ways we support you:

  • Level I: mandatory and voluntary internships (3-6 months)
  • Level II: dissertation (6 months)
  • Level III: Working Student (1-2 years)

Additionally we support you and your project by offering you the possibility to go to hackathons and events to present your project.

We do not only support individual development but also the advancement of a study group. If you have a semester project at your university, we welcome to work with the group closely.

For example, a student group of developers from the HPI Potsdam enhanced the quality of Wikidata in a project:

Please apply with your motivation and cv and send it to sandra.muellrick@wikimedia.de

What our students and interns working on?

Inspiration? You need inspiration for a thesis topic or a semester project?

You are looking for “easy tasks” to get the hang of our development work?

The code you write will be reviewed by our developers.