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These are tests for the VisualEditor.

§Regression 1: removing items from lists[edit | edit source]

  • first item
  • second item
  • third item
  • fourth item

Now use the visual editor to remove any of the items, either by selecting and backspace, or by placing the cursor at the end of an item and backspacing. Make sure that the bullet point is removed and no spurious empty lines appear.

§Regression 2: removing paragraphs[edit | edit source]

Here is the first paragraph.

Here is the second paragraph.

Here is the third paragraph. The goal is to use the visual editor to completely remove the second paragraph, merging the first and the third into one. Make sure that both methods work: 1) place cursor at end of second paragraph, keep hitting backspace. 2) Select all of second paragraph without the trailing carriage return, hit backspace; remove resulting empty line with another backspace.

§Regression 3: lower case links[edit | edit source]

Highlight the text "red blood cell" (without the quotes), then click on link button above and select the suggested choice for the link. Then review to make sure that the link is entered in lower case.

§Regression 4: entering italics/bold[edit | edit source]

Enter some text, then switch to italic or bold (Ctrl-I/Ctrl-B) and keep typing. Make sure that entered text appears in italic/bold. Hit Ctrl-I again and keep typing, make sure that new text is not italic anymore.

§Regression 5: handling of links[edit | edit source]

This is a link. Click at the end of the link and make sure that you can extend the link and the blue color will be applied to your new text. Also make sure that a link can be added by CTRL-K, followed by selecting a link target, followed by entering the link text, followed by CTRL-K

§Regression 6: empty lines[edit | edit source]

filler text

filler text

Hover over the empty lines between the filler text above and make sure that they have not been turned into uneditable elements.

§Regression 7: image placement[edit | edit source]

Battle of Paris 1814
Russian army enters Paris

The following two images should be placed one below the other, not next to each other, even if you start the VisualEditor.

§Regression 8: scroll to the top[edit | edit source]

Starting from here, use the up-arrow to scroll all the way to the top of this article. The first line of the article ("These are tests for the VisualEditor.") should be visible.

§Regression 9: Enter on first character of heading[edit | edit source]

Place the cursor at the beginning of the previous header line (before the R of Regression), then hit Enter. The cursor should then still be before the R, not after.

§Regression 10: BackSpace at beginning of heading[edit | edit source]

Place the cursor at the beginning of the previous header line (before the R of Regression), then hit BackSpace. The empty line preceding the header line should be removed, but the header formatting should remain.

§Regression 11: Turn line into heading[edit | edit source]

Test heading

Next line.

Try to turn the first line above ("Test heading") into a heading by selecting the entire line (so that the entire line becomes blue, not just the text "Test heading"; place cursor before "T", then Shift-CursorDown), then change the formatting from Paragraph to Heading. Make sure that the formatting of "Next line" has not changed.  

§Regression 12: Wait for timeout[edit | edit source]

Start editing this page with the visual editor, then wait for about an hour, then try to save. If you get a timeout error, make sure that you can still save the article and that your editing work is not lost.

§Regression 13: Edit a recently edited article[edit | edit source]

Make an edit with the visual editor to this page, save, then edit this page again. Make sure that the previous edit is reflected and that you don't get a warning about editing a previous version.

§Regression 14: Starting a new header jumps to top[edit | edit source]

Go to the bottom of a long article (like here) and start a new header line by selecting "'Heading" from the drop down box above. Make sure that you are not sent to the top of the article.

§Regression 15: Cut/Paste of references[edit | edit source]

This first sentence has a reference.[1] This second sentence also has a reference.[2]

Now try to cut out the text "also has a reference." including its following footnote (with Ctrl-X), then go to the first sentence and paste (Ctrl-V) after the word "first".

  1. Reference of first sentence.
  2. Reference of second sentence.

§Regression 16: No spaces at the end of italic text[edit | edit source]

In the Visual Editor, enter the following text: one<space><Ctrl-I>two<space><Ctrl-I>three.

Now save and check the generated wikitext. The space after "two" should not be inside of the italic markup.

§Suggestions and reporting bugs[edit | edit source]

Suggestions can be filed at VisualEditor/Feedback; bug reports can be searched here and filed here.