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Hello, and welcome to the VisualEditor demonstration pages! You're experiencing MediaWiki's next-generation editor.

What is this?[edit | edit source]

This is a demonstration page using the new (experimental) visual editor for wikis. That means that you can edit it using a WYSIWYG-like browser-native editing environment and not have to learn our special markup language. You can read more about this in the Wikimedia blog's post about the June 2012 release, and the FAQs. Just hit the "Edit" button up on the top of any page in the VisualEditor: namespace, like this test page.

What works?![edit | edit source]

Right now, we only support a small part of wikitext's functionality. In general, the visual editor supports text in paragraphs, basic text markup, internal and external links, ordered and unordered lists and headings. There's a demonstration page with some of each of the cases that should work. For the technical, there's a formal list of all "node types" currently supported.

This is just a prototype, and we have focused on making it stable rather than covering lots of features poorly. We will be adding new features rapidly — we hope to push new changes live every two weeks or so. To help us prioritize which features to work on when, we’d love your thoughts on our feedback page to help guide our work for you.

For whom should it work?[edit | edit source]

In short: the modern mainstream desktop browsers. In terms of which particular browsers it should work in, the recent versions of three of the major four desktop browsers — Google Chrome (23+), Mozilla Firefox (17+) and Apple Safari (6+) — all work fine. Microsoft Internet Explorer is currently black-listed until we can find a way to make it work. Some other browsers also work.

Mobile support is something we're obviously going to include, but right now we haven't tested it properly — feedback would be welcome. We think there should be a serious discussion about which browsers we should and should not support, bearing in mind our limited resources but also our goal in making editing Wikimedia projects as easy and open to all as possible, and we would welcome your input.

How can I test this new tool?[edit | edit source]

There's a test environment here.

Where is the old editor?[edit | edit source]

You can use the old editor on any page where the VisualEditor is being tested (those in the VisualEditor namespace) - just click "Edit Source".