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About your skin you've just created[edit] your skin compatible with other operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, etc.) NSLE-Chacor 01:00, 17 March 2007 (UTC)


Hi when will you be updating your wiki skin again? Regards, Darren

Question regarding 'extension:CommentPages'[edit]

Is it possible to have the comment column appearing in specific wiki-namespaces only? We have one area in our wiki where we do not want any unregistered visitors to see the talk pages at all. Then we want an area where we would like the general 'talk column' plus an 'additional comment column' to be seen by everyone. Only registered users would be able to use the talk pages, but everyone should be able to use the comment column. Is it possible to customise the wiki that way? Juttavd (23 April 2010, 1am GMT)