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Translating "返回" ("return") to different zh- languages by /IT group or by noteTA may not work

Wbxshiori (talkcontribs)

Word "return" has two different types: intransitive (vi.) and transitive (vt.). This makes the translation different in some zh- languages.

Intransitive "return" becomes "返回" in all zh- languages. However, transitive one becomes "返回" too in zh-cn but becomes "傳回" in zh-tw instead, according to Visual Studio manual.

Therefore, "返回" in zh-cn cannot be simply converted to either "返回" or "傳回" in zh-tw. That's the main problem of Translations:Extension:AbuseFilter/Rules_format/37/zh and some other parts in the same manual.

Is there a way to define multiple entries of the same word in Module:CGroup/IT, or do you know another way to avoid ambiguity? If neither, I think we have no choice other than -{ }- tag.

Xiplus (talkcontribs)

Put "傳回" in translation page. And add a rule to convert "傳回" to "返回" in zh-cn.

Wbxshiori (talkcontribs)

Thanks for reply. That's a good solution.

I have just checked Extension:AbuseFilter/Rules_format, and I see that all "return"s in the English version and all "返回" in unconverted zh version (base on zh-hans or zh-cn) are transitive. The noteTA way you suggested in your undo messages works in that page, but may not work in all pages.

Xiplus (talkcontribs)

My suggestion is Special:Diff/3761489. Convert "傳回" to "返回". But don't convert "返回" to "傳回".

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