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Could you license/source your images please,or it may be deleted in 7 days..thanks...--Cometstyles 03:12, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

Hello. I just looked at Mw_tools - it looks quite interesting, but it makes me wonder about one important thing: Do I have to supply a password to be able to use it? It does not say so in the instructions. Does that mean that anyone could create and access (and restore!) backups? They contain private data, like email adresses...

Also, I see various other tabs, like "contents management", "extension settings", etc - what do they do? And if they can be used by onyone without login, it scares me even more :) -- Duesentrieb 08:47, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

Doesn't run properly on hosted solution[edit]

From the documentation this looks just like what I'm looking for, but I can't get it to run, it fails to find the correct path for the Localsettings.php and truncates the actual path my ISP host uses for my home folder. Any idea how to get around this ?

How to add the extensions on a existing MediaWiki that has been running without it?[edit]

We had to reinstall the MediaWiki on our test machine and set the extension to pepr_ for example. Otherwise the backup could not work. But we have done a lot of work in our existing Wiki and like to know how to change a Wiki without extension to one with extension. May be we configured it wrong and it can work without extension but we only got it to work when an extension was added. Thanks

How do I set the prefix in Localsettings.php[edit]

Just the utility I am looking forward to back up our small school wiki but get the error message below

It seems that you did`t set the prefix when you install the mediawiki,so the backup function can not be run! please append the prefix to the LocalSettings before backup.

Just wondering what prefix I have to set.

Thanks for any help.-------any prefix like “wiki” etc.

Is this the setting I need to set in LocalSettings.php

$wgDBprefix = ""; It was the only prefix I could find.

I tried changing this to $wgDBprefix = "wiki";

The database backup seemed to work ie got a file with date and time in backup folder but the file size was only 4KB which seemed a bit small.

So am still a bit lost as what prefix I need to append. Sorry for being so vague.

Thanks for any help.-----------If you hava a MSN ,you can cantact me and I will try to help your problem

Mw tools (backup MediaWii)[edit]


I read this page : Mw tools and if go to Download from here: the link is proking so can you send me the good link. I need some help to backup full site mediawiki. you can send me solution also by E-mail : Cliquez ici pour M'envoyer un courriel