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Issue with WSYIWYG Images insert window

Voggy1 (talkcontribs)


When a user selects the Image icon from the toolbar the "Mediawiki Image" window appears but the search doesn't return anything (even when a known file name is entered in the "Image file name" textbox).

When a known filename is entered no Preview appears.

When a known filename is entered and ok is selected the "Mediawiki Image" window disappears and a small icon is displayed but not the picture. If I hover over the picture no popup appears.

Once the changes have been saved the picture does appear but when the page is edited again the icon and not the picture is displayed again.

Also; If a user selects the "Link" icon from the toolbar the "Mediawiki Link" window appears but as I start typing no existing links are returned in the "Choose an existing wikipage for the link target:" text area.

Also; If the category icon is selected from the toolbar and I start typing a category name then no existing categories are listed in the "Select category for the page:" text area

We are using Mediawiki version 1.34 with the latest available WYSIWYG extension downloaded and installed using the instructions from Extension:WYSIWYG. We are also using SimplesamPhp for authentication to Azure should this information be useful.

We have found it necessary to implement the fixes details below to get WYSIWYG to work:


"duplicating link [edit] and table of content after save page" section of "Extension talk:WYSIWYG"

Many thanks in advance


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