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Blanking a talk page[edit]

Hiho Rotemliss, I've seen your question … and here is the answer: Because the talk was just outdated after I fixed the link. And the original question was already answered on IRC afaik. Ok? --:Bdk: 14:32, 23 April 2006 (UTC)

Well, this page should be deleted, because the link to the blank talk page (in the tab "discussion") is still blue. – rotemlissTalk 14:45, 23 April 2006 (UTC)

User rights management[edit]

Hi Rotemliss, I read your suggestion about user rights management. It's very good :) I think it can be yet better if we can choose what rights a steward or a bureaucrat or other can grant, individually. According to what I understand, a bureaucrat, when he can grant rights (with $wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights_grant'] = true;) he can grant all rights in the GrantWhitelist. And if an other group parallel of bureaucrat is created, they can grant also all rights in the GrantWhitelist.

I think that it would be better with a syntax like this (config for WMF):

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['userrights'] = false;

$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights_remote'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights_grant'] = array('sysop', 'bureaucrat', 'bot');
$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights_remote'] = array('bot');
$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights_full'] = false;

$wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights_remote'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights_grant'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights_revoke'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights_full'] = true;

Each level(grant, remove, full, and possibly remote) have an array with the levels which they can grant/remove.

It's interesting if they are more groups of permissions, for exemple:

$wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights_grant'] = array('sysop', 'bureaucrat', 'steward');
$wgGroupPermissions['steward']['userrights_revoke'] = array('sysop', 'bureaucrat', 'steward');
$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights_grant'] = array('sysop', 'bureaucrat');
$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights_revoke'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['bigboss']['userrights_grant'] = array('sysop', 'bureaucrat', 'steward', 'bigboss');
$wgGroupPermissions['bigboss']['userrights_revoke'] = true; //idem like above

With the values for each :

  • false for nothing
  • array for give some rights
  • perhaps another array? for give all rights without some rights
  • true for all

With that, the black and white lists are no more useful. What do you about all that ? ~ Seb35 13:25, 1 September 2006 (UTC)

This feature is useful, but impossible to implement, as $wgGroupPermissions expects only true and false values.
By the way, see also the discussion in Wikitech, and the discussion about Special:Desysop which is close to this. – rotemlissTalk 14:49, 7 September 2006 (UTC)
OK, I had not seen the discussion on Wikitech. For the implementation, it is possible to use is_bool($wgGroupPermissions[]['userrights_grant']) or is_array perhaps with some other protection to check if it is an array of strings, isn't it ? ~ Seb35 14:15, 8 September 2006 (UTC)
If your interface is included in the core of MediaWiki, it can be possible to change the function isAllowed for the special case of userrights_..., with an other parameter isAllowed('userrights_grant', $group) in your isAllowedChangingGroup. ~ Seb35 14:38, 8 September 2006 (UTC)
Yes, I see the difficult. It have to change the code of getGroupPermissions, which see only if a value is true or false. It was just an idea, thanks for your reply. ~ Seb35 20:35, 8 September 2006 (UTC)


Hello rotemliss,

Thank you for your response. I've posted the following to robchurch | talk -- my apologies for duplications, as explained below:

  • I am new to Wikis and am just learning to navigate the interactive options (such as "Talk"). In the result, I posted several items on the same issue which remains unresolved. Apologies, the superfluous should be deleted.

In the interim, we have modified all instances of "NULL default" to "NULL", as recommended in Project:Support desk#Installation problem with mw 1.8.2.

We searched all files in the Wiki 1.8.2 folder and changed "NULL default" to "NULL" in each case, assuming the same fix is required.

Set-up now returns following error list:

Creating tables... using MySQL 4 table defs...Query "CREATE TABLE `osaw_user` ( user_id int(5) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, user_name varchar(255) binary NOT NULL , user_real_name varchar(255) binary NOT NULL , user_password tinyblob NOT NULL , user_newpassword tinyblob NOT NULL , user_email tinytext NOT NULL , user_options blob NOT NULL , user_touched char(14) binary NOT NULL , user_token char(32) binary NOT NULL , user_email_authenticated char(14) binary, user_email_token char(32) binary, user_email_token_expires char(14) binary, user_registration char(14) binary, PRIMARY KEY user_id (user_id), UNIQUE INDEX user_name (user_name), INDEX (user_email_token) ) TYPE=InnoDB " failed with error code "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ', user_real_name varchar(255) binary NOT NULL , user_password tinyblob NOT' at line 3

Kindly advise whether this is a MySQL / PHP version issue (to be directed at our ISP Support) or a Wiki code issue and, if the latter, how it may be resolved.

Much obliged.

Please don't ask such questions in my talk page, but in the support desk. Thanks. – rotemlissTalk 16:24, 16 November 2006 (UTC)

Template Issue[edit]

Hi,I saw your post on the support desk for fixing an issue with infobox templates. You suggested: using Tidy.conf to fix the problem. Is there a place I can download the tidy.conf file and just upload it to my extension dir for my 1.8.2 install of MW? All I find is tidy.php at I greatly appreciate any feedback on this. Thankyou Rovo 21:36, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

Sorry, I don't know much about Tidy. – rotemlissTalk 14:58, 6 December 2006 (UTC)


Rotemliss, I was informed by a friend about your intent on merging Special:Userrights and Special:Makesysop. I just thought that I'd inform you that I actually have already coded a special extension for allowing user rights to be changed much like in Special:Userrights except exactly what group can do what is defined specifically in the permissions. It actually has the ability to do 1 way permisssions (eg: Makesysop but not Desysop) and allow a user in a group to remove a certain tag from themselves but not other users (eg: Sysops can Desysop themselves but not other Sysops). The info is at centralwikia:User:Dantman/GE Extended/Custom Extensions/RightsControl, I was intending to put it up as an extension on the mediawiki site after I added the ability to use the new reason field introduced in MW 1.10. Dantman 21:37, 26 May 2007 (UTC)

Wikimania developer days topics[edit]

I would love your input on what developers should focus on during the upcoming Wikimania developer days. Thanks! Sumanah 17:14, 9 June 2011 (UTC)