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Favorites Extension broken on current MediaWiki

1 (talkcontribs)

Jeremy, I don't suppose you'd have a chance to look at the error mentioned at Extension talk:Favorites in which update.php cannot find "extension.json", would you?


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Favorites extension adaptation

Jupajups (talkcontribs)

Dear Jeremy,

I installed your extension for my trekking website and it is very helpful. However I still need to adapt it in order to better fits my website. Since I do not know much of programming in mediawiki, I am wondering if will you be willing to do this job or if you know someone with the skills who may want.

You can contact me to

Thanks for you extension

Juan Pablo

Jlemley (talkcontribs)

Hi Juan. Sorry I did not see your note sooner. What kinds of changes would you need?

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