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Aron Manning (talkcontribs)

Hello Jess!

Seeing how much you like nice designs, I wanted to share with you these screenshots of 2 themes I made:

Gallery: User:Aron_Manning/Skin_themes

Enjoy ;-)

Iamjessklein (talkcontribs)

Ah interesting. What problems are you addressing with these designs?

Aron Manning (talkcontribs)

I aimed at an impression that's more comparable to popular websites like youtube, discord (dark theme colors are similar to the latter).

In design:

  • The dark themes I've encountered are outdated/incomplete/has strange colors/are based on inversion of color space. Each color is hand-picked in this solution. The color palette is shifted, generally, instead of being inverted.
  • The gray theme is for low-lit environments when one doesn't want to use a dark theme.
  • Flat (border-less) design on Timeless, less borders on Vector. Odd-even table rows have different background.
  • Smoother colors and feel, fancy coloring on the main page.
  • Optimization of layout in Vector (less empty space in header), narrow Timeless (menu positioning) and diffs.
  • Modern, easy-to-read, pleasant and elegant fonts (at least for Latin).

In development:

  • The theme is just a few dozen CSS variables. Anybody can make their own easily, without being familiar with the infinite number of CSS selectors involved.

I did this around December. Once I get back to it, I want to make a paper/sepia theme instead of the gray one. I don't really like that, it's too... gray, but it's useful at times.

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