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ترجمة المحتوى من الجوال

عدي (talkcontribs)

مرحبا، هناك مشكلة في أداة ترجمة المحتوى عند إستعمالها من الجوال. أتمنى إصلاحها. ذلك سيساعد كثيراً.

Haytham abulela (talkcontribs)

مرحبًا عدي، أنا لا أساهم في الأعمال الفنية وإصلاح العيوب البرمجية. يمكنك الاطلاع على أعضاء فريق تطوير البرمجيات من صفحة Content translation والاستفسار منهم ويمكنك أيضا إرسال طلب تصويب على فبريكاتور لو لم تجد تذكرة على فبريكاتور تتناول ذات المشكلة التي تواجهك. إن تطلب الأمر منك التواصل مع أي شخص أو جهة على موقع ميدياويكي ولا يمكنك التواصل على الصفحة باللغة الإنكليزية، أبلغني بمنشورك وسوف أتولى ترجمته لتيسير التواصل. مع تحياتي.

عدي (talkcontribs)

شكراً لك، أنا أريد التأكد فقط هل أداة ترجمة المحتوى تعمل على الجوالات لكن لا تعمل على الترجمة للمحتوى العربي أم أنها لا تعمل أصلا حتى في اللغات الأخرى

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Whatamidoing (WMF) (talkcontribs)

I have just marked Talk pages project/Usability/Prototype/Topic Containers for translation. Something is broken in the translation markup (and the yellow bits will get fixed soon), but most of the page is already stable. I would like to have it translated into Arabic soon, if you feel like translating it.

Haytham abulela (talkcontribs)


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The Inuka Team: We need your help.

UOzurumba (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Hello @Haytham abulela,

Thank you so much for all the work you do in translating pages marked for translation. It is great to have you doing so much work to ensure that knowledge is available in other languages.

Once again, we will need your help in translating the pages below to the language you know:

*Inuka team

*Wikipedia for KaiOS

*Wikipedia Preview

*Wikipedia for KaiOS FAQ

Please, don't feel pressured to finish all the translation; it is okay to translate some of the pages.

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[WMF Board of Trustees - Call for feedback: Community Board seats] Meetings with MediaWiki and Wikitech communities

MediaWiki message delivery (talkcontribs)

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees is organizing a call for feedback about community selection processes between February 1 and March 14. While the Wikimedia Foundation and the movement have grown about five times in the past ten years, the Board’s structure and processes have remained basically the same. As the Board is designed today, we have a problem of capacity, performance, and lack of representation of the movement’s diversity. Our current processes to select individual volunteer and affiliate seats have some limitations. Direct elections tend to favor candidates from the leading language communities, regardless of how relevant their skills and experience might be in serving as a Board member, or contributing to the ability of the Board to perform its specific responsibilities. It is also a fact that the current processes have favored volunteers from North America and Western Europe. In the upcoming months, we need to renew three community seats and appoint three more community members in the new seats. This call for feedback is to see what processes can we all collaboratively design to promote and choose candidates that represent our movement and are prepared with the experience, skills, and insight to perform as trustees?

In this regard, two rounds of feedback meetings are being hosted to collect feedback from the technical communities in Wikimedia. Two rounds are being hosted with the same agenda, to accomodate people from various time zones across the globe. We will be discussing ideas proposed by the Board and the community to address the above mentioned problems. Please sign-up according to whatever is most comfortable to you. You are welcome to participate in both as well!

Also, please share this with other volunteers who might be interested in this. Let me know if you have any questions. KCVelaga (WMF), 14:37, 21 February 2021 (UTC)

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