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Excessively technical terminology[edit]

I found some terminology which makes this page too hard for a user, a simplification could be in order.

  • "Make sure your keyboard is properly mapped": no idea what this means.
  • "user guides": unclear (although you define it later)
  • "translation unit": the term is used but not defined
  • "source text": not defined
  • "translatable page": not defined
  • "isn't properly set up": what does it mean?
  • "a search tool in the Translate extension": very vague and impossible for the user to use; from the video it seems you mean the search bar within Special:Translate, but the special page is never mentioned nor linked

--Nemo 18:25, 25 February 2018 (UTC)


Thanks for working in this area. To avoid confusing users with a plethora of pages, do you think this page could be merged to some of the existing summaries? Based on the content and audience, it seems addressed to the English-speaking users of and Meta-Wiki, so it could go into one of the respective English-only summaries. The parts which are valid for any wiki and audience, and which can do without the English-only videos, could be merged to the translation tutorial or to the introductory help page. Thanks, Nemo 18:27, 25 February 2018 (UTC)