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Very appreciable ideas indeed

Viswaprabha (talkcontribs)

On a wild goose search about how to accommodate the rev_comment_text on a large flat spreadsheet, I just ended up here in your talk page. Almost since the beginning of dealing with the Mediawiki logs and tables, this particular field has been one out and odd which always give issues not just in storing the data but also in formatting decent outputs. Nevertheless, on some occasions, a text search through these comments could be valuable to filter a particular tag or string. Having a separate table for this text and a connecting ID + index can greatly improve upon performance of storage, processing as well as the work hours of many users and output systems.

So, whatever happened to these proposals so far? Interested to know. Regards.

Edit 1:

Oh never mind. I just noticed the Revision 2 and the discussions there. :)

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