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도움말 보고 일을 순조롭게 한다는 것이 오히려 시간만 낭비하는 결과가 되곤해서...

Tegel (talkcontribs)

A page you recently created was outside of's scope and has been deleted or will be deleted soon. In future, please remember that exists solely for the documentation of the MediaWiki software and that off-topic material is not accepted here. If the content was important (for example, maybe you're just on the wrong wiki or confused about how to set up a wiki) then don't worry! Just email the deleting admin (through Special:EmailUser, or another admin if you get no response) to request a copy. Thanks for your understanding.

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우선 미디어위키 쉽게 터득하기(기초지식)

Ahnskim (talkcontribs)

나름의 미디어위키 사용법을 이곳에서 토론장을 남겨주시면 고맙겠습니다.

Ahnskim (talkcontribs)

나름대로 이미지파일을 올려 보았습니다.

파일이름은 Lordbuddha.jpg를 내 컴퓨에 있던 이미지를 올렸더니

파일에 업로드가 되었습니다.

Ahnskim (talkcontribs)

그러고 난 다음, 사용자 문서로 들어가

사진을 올리기 위해

편집을 통해 첫 줄에 사진올리기를 했더니,

사진이 오른쪽에 나타났습니다.

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