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Brief Description[edit]

Encourage readers to “Thank” the editors of a page.

Problem it solves[edit]

Reader perspective: Readers often don’t realize that Wikipedia is created by many volunteers. Encouraging them to thank the editors reminds them that there are people involved. (And perhaps plants the idea that they could edit too.) It’s a lightweight way to participate.

Editor perspective: Editors don’t get much recognition for their work. Receiving a thank will provide recognition, remind them of their audience, and motivate them to continue editing.


ui for readers to thank editors of page

The interface for readers could appear as a card at the end of an article. “Thank the editors:

Wikipedia is written by volunteers from all over the world. Show the recent editors of this page your appreciation for their work!”

This would then send a notification to certain editors of the page.


5 most recent editors

Page creator

The thanks could be rolled up into one notification in a certain time frame. For example “14 readers thanked you for your edits to [Page title] last week.”