User Interaction Consultation/Make better use of recent changes

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Brief Description[edit]

Rethink recent changes section on sidebar.

Problem it solves[edit]

Currently the recent changes page is designed for pure editorial use. Without clear understating of how Wikipedia words, it is not possible for a reader to actually understand the details, which could be very informative.


Information that could be useful and engaging for a reader include, a)how many articles are created per min? b)edits that included adding media c)this edit is the nth edit in that article d)userx just made their nth edit in an article e) article x exists in x languages is has been edited by nth editor If some of those could be visualized in a bar on top of the page while keeping admin info there, that can support engagement

Note from Wikimedia Foundation:[edit]

This is a very interesting area, and we encourage others to add to it (click the pencil or edit button to edit the page). Specifically: how can we improve the recent changes feed to make the site more interactive or engaging for readers?

(Jkatz (WMF) (talk) 16:22, 21 March 2016 (UTC))