User Interaction Consultation/Interactive pages

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Brief Description[edit]

Pages should be interactive. Specifically, media on pages should be interactive. Interactive graphs, interactive images and diagrams.

Problem it solves[edit]

The goal should be that readers enjoy exploring the Wikimedia projects to learn. Interactive pages are a must.


Interaction means that the reader and website exchange information during reading time. It's a process with feedback.

We are used to static articles, images and photos. Editors create the pages, and readers see them as they are. A Wikipedia page is no more interactive than a book, except for books and a few animations.

However, even the old Encarta had interactive pages. There were maps with timelines, 360 views, etc. Today we can do much more.

For example, I've heard about doing annotated constellations to 180 views of night skies. These could be made at different locations and times.

And I've always thought that educational videogames could be inserted into Wikimedia projects. These don't have to be like usual, they can be about things as simple as an engine connected to a gearbox, or an economy where you can change interest rates, taxes and tariffs.