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Things to do at IITM Hackfest, day 2 and day 3

Python stuff[edit]

  1. Write unit tests for python-mwapi
  2. Write documentation for python-mwapi
  3. Fix bugs in mwuppet
  4. Do release of mwuppet

New Gadget Work[edit]


  1. Add article autocomplete do DRREFORM
  2. Add username autocomplete to DRREFORM


  1. Userscript to help view and modify en:Wikipedia:Persondata
Should have a button that populates fields from equivalent fields in Infobox. Note format differences in name (surname, other names) and dates (have to parse {{Birth date [and age]}} and {{Death date and age}} into correct date format for article (based on {{Use * dates}}). —[AlanM1(talk)]— 19:50, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

AutoTranslate Creation Wizard[edit]

  1. Userscript to easily create commons:Help:Autotranslate based page translations

Userscript to easily add and remove categories with a GUI interface[edit]

  1. Add / Remove categories for any page without having to edit the page itself
  2. Replacement for the ageing HotCat tool

Integrate CodeMirror editor into MediaWiki[edit]

  1. Currently no good coding editor for writing scripts on the wiki itself. Integrating CodeMIrror or ACE would be nice
  2. Fixing bugs in Extension:CodeEditor and make it independent from the WikiEditor advanced editing toolbar (some users shut if off; as a coder you usually don't need it), add a JS validator (CAVE: Licensing issues [JSON license] with JSHint and JSLint)

More links to other places with requests[edit]

  1. commons:Commons:User scripts#To create
  2. en:Wikipedia:WikiProject_User_scripts

Gadget improvements[edit]

Gadget Porting[edit]

Add list of gadgets to port to which wiki!