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Timeline for the GSoC project. Expected times to be updated as and when necessary.

Phase 1 - Assessment Parsing[edit]

  1. Discussion, trying out different methods, settling on one - Done
  2. Implement assessment parser, parse out and save on edit whenever assessments change - Done
  3. Implement superfast specialized assessment parser (instead of regexes) - Scheduled at end of GSoC period
  4. Implement logs to show who changed what when - Scheduled towards the end (Perhaps using a QueryPage?)

Phase 2 - Statistics[edit]

  1. Update aggregate statistics whenever assessment changes
    1. Projectwise Statistics - Due 25 Jun - Done (29 Jun)
    2. Global Statistics - Due 27 Jun
  2. Magic Word to embed aggregate statistics
    1. Projectwise Statistics - Due 29 Jun
    2. Global Statistics - Due 31 Jun

Phase 3 - Filtering[edit]

  1. Special page to filter articles based on: (Done by second week of July)
    1. Project, Quality and Importance
    2. Filter by category
    3. Various sort functions
  2. Save filtered article selections 'frozen' at time of filtering to form 'saved filtered article revision sets' - Done by third week of July

Phase 4 - Manual Selections[edit]

  1. Add/Remove/Curate manual selections for 'saved filtered article revision sets' (needs a better name) - End of July

Phase 5 - Exports[edit]

  1. Export 'saved filtered article revisions set' to CSV - First Week of August

Needs Discussion[edit]

  1. Kid Friendly Marker. Where would it go? In assessment template? Somewhere separate (Special Page)? Combination of both?

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