My nick is my initials of my full name William McBride Aderson Traynor, which is how I am most commonly known online. Most people call me Bill. I am an avid user and hobbyist within the electronics, open source software, and Linux tribes ever since discovering I could cut a notch in a 5 1/2" floppy disk to make it double-sided. I particularly enjoy and am interested in the gregarious nature of the open source community, the sharing of knowledge and the extreme levels of intelligence I encounter both in person and online. I appreciate the pragmatic nature at the core of most open source projects and work to foster communication between highly technical people, advocate for programmers to be allowed to create, and build bridges between the business and technical worlds.

My basement office is filled with gadgets, development kits, odd hardware, and stuffed penguins. I'm specifically interested in Embedded Linux and the SuperH architecture Linux port due (mostly) to an inherited Sega Dreamcast and a friend who happens to maintain the SuperH Linux code base. In addition to a passion for code, I found myself writing more and more about technical topics, in particular on wikis. Sometime around 2006 I took on the task of moving the Consumer Embedded Linux Forum's wiki to a MediaWiki-based server and have served as the administrator and editor of it ever since.

For a detailed profile of my work history please see my LinkedIn profile.

To contact me, you can email:

btraynor (at)