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Still to do[edit]

  • Fix this horrible IE bug (/me stabs IE)
    • Fixed one in r44241, but other remaining :(
  • Settings running away – $wgLogo, $wgSquidServers... Investigate.
    • Figured out the problem – these settings need the configure-all right to edit. We might think about restructuring this...
  • Clean up indexing code. Move some from JS to server :)
  • Merge some of the form/settings handling. Lots of duplication there (i.e. setting types derived from assoc-array types).

Dealt with[edit]

  • Categories... r44095
    • New "Filtering" setting for $wgSpamRegex.
    • $wgAccountCreationThrottle maybe belongs in rate limits
    • $wgUsePrivateIPs belongs elsewhere.
    • Split up 'reduction' section.
    • Split thumbnail rendering from other File-related settings.
    • Move $wgUseSquid to the top of the Squid section.
  • Deal with default values...
    • Save only values which differ from the default r44068.
    • Visually indicate which are non-default? r44112.
  • Inline preview of logo selection. r44072
  • Safe and sane extension defaults:
    • Reduce default set to "recommended" editable whitelist? r44063
    • Save serialized files in a way that doesn't expose all values to the web if serliazed/.htaccess is not used... consider saving as .php files that return a deserialized array or such? Or else discard the default file backend and just use the DB. r44111
  • Stuff dealt with in r44145:
    • Files handler: Check duplicate version before writing file
    • Where the 'configure-compare' message is used?
    • "Namespace overrides" needs a better description.
  • Make collapse-boxes show a summary. r44170
  • JS-powered search for settings, like Firefox's 'about:config' has :) r44172
  • Fix double merging of arrays.
  • Special:ViewConfig tweaks: r44184
    • Add a search form at the top of Special:ViewConfig to restrict versions per wiki, only for users with viewconfig-interwiki right
    • Maybe restrict displayed version to the ones related to the current wiki if the user hasn't viewconfig-interwiki right
  • Don't show 'expand' links for stuff that has only one subsection. r44228
  • ViewConfig shows everything (lol wut?) I had accidentally put all settings as editable :)
  • DB handler: Make cv_timestamp field unique (with duplicate entry check) r44304
  • Improve logo handling: r44266
    • Summary onblur
    • Kill thumbnailing
    • Replace button with on-save handling.
  • UI for $wgRateLimits and $wgAutopromote r44223 and r44447