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Stuff to do:

  • Double error messages.
    • Disallow doesn't double up as of rev:46462. Not too worried, as usability for vandals isn't necessarily worth a lot of work.
  • Finalize the revision tagging [MW core changes]
  • It's kind of hard to click on the filter details at Special:AbuseFilter when only the ID number is linked. Link the name/desc?
  • Consider a style for disabled filters to make them more clearly visible in the list -- light gray bg?
  • Clean up action setup form -- sub-items such as the rate limit options should be disabled or hidden when their parent option isn't selected
  • I'm shown a "revert actions" link on the detail but when I click it I'm told I'm not allowed to do it. Permission problem?
    • Removed for users without permission in rev:46461.
  • A way to test a filter against existing revisions would be **very** valuable, though this might not be doable in all cases.
    • List some specific revisions (how to select? cut-and-paste URLs? search interface?)
    • "Run over last 1000 edits/moves/whatev"?
    • Testing of last 100 changes in rev:46497, might make this a bit more flexible over the next little bit.
    • Bunch more flexibility and goodness in rev:46557 with cleanup in rev:46560.
  • Can expressions be grouped parenthetically? Some logical operations may be more awkward to express without this.
    • Yes.
  • Fix up DB updates.
  • For "warning" action, might be nice for the interface to present a list of existing suitable warning messages (via a category or a name prefix maybe?), and a handy link to view/edit the message that's already selected.
  • Make sure that if you're allowed to do [[Some page|link text]] in the filter description that it is parsed properly everywhere it is shown - currently it's not done in the abuse log, and in the "you can't do that" messages (at least).