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My name is Kevin Frushour, and I'm the administrator for The Frushour Wiki.

I've finally broken down and created a username on this wiki, considering how often I've been consulting it.

My Wiki Cred[edit]

I have been editing Wikis since my first edit on Wikipedia (fixing a typo on the Apollo Program page) sometime in 2003 or 2004, I guess.

My Family History[edit]

I have kept a diary since I was 15 years old, in 1989. I was thinking to myself how nice it would be to wikify it on a USB key. I was still tinkering with that idea in my head when I lost both my grandparents in 2012 - 95 and 93, married 72 years, dying only five months apart.

All of a sudden it struck me - my father did extensive family research in the 1990's, and what better way to remember them than making a place the family could read up on their family history and add to it from wherever they are on earth? I installed mediawiki on a USB key and worked on an offline version until creating the site on Siteground in February of 2013.

It's mostly blocked off from the public - access must be requested and is to family only (I want people to be able to add all the way up to their present and children). It's not super active, but people have written to me saying how nice it is to wander up and down the family tree there, complete with pictures and links to videos.

Weak Points[edit]

I'm not a computer professional - I'm a desk attendant. I am (if I may say so) really bright and pick up stuff fast. I don't know much about bots, CSS, etc, that's all on my back burner.