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Overall Goals[edit]

Research ways to consolidate / streamline feedback channels and develop a proposal[edit]
  • Associated Page in Bug Management
  • The proposal will help guide the Wikimedia Foundation to help improve the quality and relevance of bugs that are reported to Bugzilla, as well as issues directed to OTRS, RT, and Village Pump.
  • Look at how other FOSS projects with large and diverse userbases handle their feedback channels
    • Look for FOSS projects to research
      • For example, Mozilla
Organize two public bugdays[edit]
  • This would include deciding on a theme or project, contacting stakeholders, and publicizing and outreaching to possible participants.
  • I plan to use social networks to outreach and encourage more women to participate.
Go through open tickets in "Mediawiki>General/Unknown" and "Wikimedia>General/Unknown" products in Bugzilla.[edit]




  • Help organize a public bugday.
  • Research which projects to look into for analyzing their feedback channels.

Mid: Hold the public bugday.
Mid-Late: Start research on how other big FOSS projects handle and streamline the feedback they receive


Work on report and triaging.
For the report:

  • Break down steps other organizations take
  • See what mechanisms and tools are used when reporting an issue and compare to WMF's tools.
  • Compare and contrast other the tools.

Early - Mid: Organize and host another bugday.
Mid-Late March and Early April: Compile report with findings and proposal for a new workflow on problem entry

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