User:Valeriej/New Contributors Survey



In an effort to be proactive about addressing issues that new contributors face and determine the effectiveness of the current documentation, I am drafting a survey for contributors to MediaWiki.


Identify where contributors find solutions to their problems.

Possible places for information

  • Documentation
  • IRC
  • Mentor
  • Mailing List

Identify if our on-boarding documents are meeting new contributor's needs

  • What do we have (from their point of view?)
  • What are we missing?

Possible Participants[edit]

New Contributors

  • GSOC and OPW summer round
  • QA mailing list
  • How to identify other new contributors?
    • Certain # of commits?

Moderate Contributors

Super Contributors

Sample questions:[edit]

Initial Contribution[edit]

What was the best thing or the most useful?

What was the hardest part of completing your first contribution?

What surprised you the most about the process of completing your first contribution?

Tool Setup[edit]

Did you find it easy or hard to set up (individual tools or all tools)?

What information did you most need to help complete your set up?

Did you find it?

If so, how did you find it?

  • IRC
  • Mailing List
  • Mentor
  • MediaWiki Documentation
  • Tool's Documentation
  • Other ____
  • Did not find solution