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Hello! Below, I try to explain, why I am here.

About wiki[edit]

I install a mediawiki for the scientific research. The formula support by the MathJax seems to work well, at least with some of browsers. Now I work about citations. I am successful with the footnote support [1], but the templates I try to borrow from Wikipedia fail, in particular, the "site journal" does not work. Here it is also absent [2]

Also, I try to identify the file that determines the warning about "contribution", that appear at the revision of the articles. Such a warning occupies more place than the typing area, I would like to shorten it or to reduce its font. Any advices?

  1. Mr.Example. United Theory of Everything. Some Journal, v.0, 2020, p.00-00
  2. "{{{title}}}" (2020).

About robots[edit]

In some novels, and in some Hollywood movies, the advanced robots can perform the human functions: talking, driving, cooking, cleaning and so on. The naive readers believe, soon such robots may appear in the real life. However, this is complete fiction; until now, the programmers cannot write even a robot to install the basic software for the scientific research!

Well, I shall be glad if anybody shows me that I am completely wrong.