Hi. I'm new to Mediawiki. I've used wikipedia for most of my life. It's probably the website that has had the biggest single impact on me and has changed my life in innumerable ways. I recently set up my own dokuwiki and now I'm trying my hand at MediaWiki after seeing the new VisualEditor. I'm quite excited to see what it can do.

I'm a UX Designer/Developer living in Austin, TX. You can check out my website here: if you need to contact me. I'd like to contribute to open source projects more, how ever I can. I'm still very early in my developer journey though so I'm mostly just dipping in my toe for now.

One of the first things I want to do is create a cool modern new theme for Mediawiki and the Visual Editor. It seems that there aren't a whole lot of good mediawiki themes and I want to change that! .... Well first I have to get my own wiki working but I'll be sure to link my git repo here when I get the first draft up!