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Community Insights survey (volunteer developers)
<a href="">@Johan_WMF</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Hey folks, I’m helping <a href=&quot...
@Johan_WMF Johan (WMF) 2019-09-11 03:36:06
How to add elements to core configuration settings in extension.json?
<a href="">@Ciencia-Al-Poder</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Some core configuration s...
@Ciencia-Al-Poder Jesús Martínez Novo 2019-09-01 11:39:47
Toolforge not displaying the created tools!
<a href="">@Rammanojpotla</a> wrote:
<blockquote> I created a tool named <code...
@Rammanojpotla Rammanojpotla 2019-08-27 15:52:31
Get a reference to eventBus from MobileFrontend
<a href="">@Ciencia-Al-Poder</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Basically, I want to atta...
@Ciencia-Al-Poder Jesús Martínez Novo 2019-08-22 21:22:42
Extension:Thanks: Show number of Thanks next to a "Thank" link?
<a href="">@Falcopragati</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Extension:Thanks produces a ‘than...
@Falcopragati Pragati 2019-07-23 18:01:03
Are you a Lua expert interested in teaching it?
<a href="">@qgil</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Crossposting a message by <span class="me...
@qgil Quim Gil 2019-07-19 19:49:00
Help required to enable Mediawiki OAuth in VideoCutTool (Node.js)
<a href="">@Gopavasanth</a> wrote:
<blockquote> I’m facing a minor issue and after...
@Gopavasanth Gopa Vasanth 2019-07-11 17:17:35
Check for ~~~~ when submitting on Talk pages
<a href="">@arthurfragoso</a> wrote:
<blockquote> In the Portuguese WP Telegram g...
@arthurfragoso Arthur Helfstein Fragoso 2019-07-06 16:09:37
Help to Host React-apps in toolforge
<a href="">@Gopavasanth</a> wrote:
<blockquote> I’m facing the issue to host the Vi...
@Gopavasanth Gopa Vasanth 2019-07-04 16:18:58
Gadget wiki pages vs. list of gadgets on Special:Preferences
<a href="">@aklapper</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Many sites have pages whose page names st...
@aklapper AKlapper 2019-07-02 18:48:54
Wikiversity gadgets upgrade
<a href="">@arthurfragoso</a> wrote:
<blockquote> I just found Wikiversity could...
@arthurfragoso Arthur Helfstein Fragoso 2019-07-01 17:13:35
How to register a new developer account on Phabricator
<a href="">@Arthaey</a> wrote:
<blockquote> I would like to sign up for a developer acc...
@Arthaey Arthaey 2019-06-24 14:17:29
Spoiler extension no longer works because of Tidy parser replaced
<a href="">@duness</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Hello!
I tried to solve this problem for...
@duness Dustin Neß 2019-06-24 05:10:51
Addition of a voting feature in 'Extension:StructuredDiscussions'
<a href="">@Falcopragati</a> wrote:
<blockquote> This is a kind of a <strong&gt...
@Falcopragati Pragati 2019-06-21 11:34:07
IOS App for Commons
<a href="">@maskaravivek</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Hello,
I am one of the volunt...
@maskaravivek Vivek Maskara 2019-06-18 20:04:35
Developing an RDF recommender system to help look for biases/content-gaps or simply recommend a wikipedia page to edit
<a href="">@Torstenbm</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Hi guys, this will be my first post on...
@Torstenbm Torsten 2019-05-30 19:08:48
Templated parameters
<a href="">@Iowajason</a> wrote:
<blockquote> An extension developer trying to get to...
@Iowajason IowaJason 2019-05-21 04:41:15
Making some uploads from different users on behalf of the same wiki account
<a href="">@vscam</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Hello,
Please could you tell me, if it’s po...
@vscam Vscam 2019-05-17 13:23:41
<a href="">@Yrzrzzz</a> wrote:
<blockquote> <a href="https://m.mediawiki.or...
@Yrzrzzz Yrzrzzz 2019-05-16 02:45:04
I need some help with MediaWiki
<a href="">@Yrzrzzz</a> wrote:
<blockquote> What table is the contribution value stored...
@Yrzrzzz Yrzrzzz 2019-05-15 03:37:26
Pages for different groups in mediawiki
<a href="">@vancouver299</a> wrote:
<blockquote> hello everyone,
i am a studen...
@vancouver299 Vancouver299 2019-05-13 15:29:47
Installation for Training including training data
<a href="">@Marco.Bakera</a> wrote:
<blockquote> Hi!
Is there an installation...
@Marco.Bakera Pintman 2019-05-09 06:03:31
ResourceLoader fails when loading OOUI
<a href="">@PukupukuDragon</a> wrote:
<blockquote> I’m developing a special page...
@PukupukuDragon 2019-05-05 01:45:29
CSRF error on daily browser test on beta
<a href="">@Michael</a> wrote:
<blockquote> We run browser tests in Wikibase and Wikiba...
@Michael Michael Große (WMDE) 2019-04-30 12:55:43
Wikidata API: Filtering property search by data type
<a href="">@Abbe98</a> wrote:
<blockquote> I’m looking for a solution to search/autocomp...
@Abbe98 Albin Larsson 2019-04-29 10:02:47