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The first script operated by this bot aims to improve the completion on Wikidata items related to scientific publications by adding the main topics. This enable the topic based search in tools such as Scolia.

You can lean more about this project on : Wikidata:AddScholarTopics Script

The source code is here :

Helpfull links for bot creation

Private links to scripts


I'm on 2 projects :

So that I'm mainly interested into scientific articles, materials, medical items linked to chronic pain...

My current other ideas includes :

  • A script that improves scientific articles metadata using information from open scientific databases
  • A script that gather DOIs of scientific articles on a specific topic to create related items on Wikidata.
  • A dynamic page that accept URL parsed parameters and display a list of scientific articles related to an item that are also related to a set of items. In example the articles about medical cannabis that are related to chronic pain, neuropatic pain and fibromyalgia. Sorted by last date of publication with direct links to the source. This would help to explore scientific data on specific topics. This is originally for the chronic pain project (Wikidata, to be extended to Wikipedia). It could also be usefull for many other projects.
  • A script that create or complete standard's items from the ISO and CEN sites.
  • Scripts that gather metadata from materials manufacturers' sites (with them authorization) in order to create related materials pages on Wikidata. (See Wikidata:WikiProject Materials)
  • A script that gives a ranking to scientific articles for each of it's main subjects based on publication date, citations with the same topic, autors... in order to sort scientific articles on Wikidata by level of interest related to a specific topic of research.

I'm open to your ideas too...