User:TCipriani (WMF)/Gerrit/Review


🧑🏽‍💻 Gerrit for Product Analytics

🚢 Reviewing and submitting

Continuous Integration, Jenkins-Bot, and Autosubmit

In general, once you vote CR+2: you're done!

Sometimes, you will need to vote V+2 and then click the Submit button.


These are a sublist of repos that Product Analytics cares about along with whether or not you have to vote V+2 and click Submit

Repo Use submit
schemas/event/secondary NO ❌
analytics/wmf-product/jobs YES ✅


  • Code-Review (CR)
  • Verified (V)


Don't let numbers confuse you: they're just tags.


  • +2: This repo does not auto merge, and I am ready to merge

Code Review

  • +1: I like this change, but I have some questions or nitpicks for the author
  • -1: I have spotted some small issues in this change
  • +2: I am merging this change
  • -2: I never want this change to merge—the concept is bad