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Sucheta Ghoshal
Software Engineer, Editing, Wikimedia Foundation
"There's no shortcut to Freedom"- Pete Seeger
Sucheta Ghoshal

About me

I work as the Associate Software Engineer in the Editing team of Wikimedia Foundation. I was also an OPWomen Intern at Wikimedia, and worked on the EtherEditor project with Mark Holmquist. And, became a volunteer contributor to Wikimedia Foundation's Language Engineering Team afterwards and served for the Language Engineering team as a contractor for a year afterwards. I am also an active contributor to various open source projects and an active Wikimedian from Kolkata chapter.

My work

Contact me

  • Wikipedia User Page:
  • E-mail:
  • Skype: sucheta_ghoshal
  • GTalk IM:
  • IRC Nick: sucheta on freenode
  • Channels: #mediawiki #ethereditor #mediawiki-il8n #wikimedia-dev #wikipedia-en #OpenHatch #nixal #wikimedia-dev #wikimedia-office #wikimedia-alnalytics

My Proposal for OPW Internship[edit | edit source]

My proposal for OPW internship is publicly available in a wiki page. Have a look:Sucheta_Ghoshal/OPW-EtherEditor

WikiDays[edit | edit source]

I got actively engaged with Wikipedia and the movement since Wiki Conference India 2011. My submission (on Expanding Bengali Wikipedia) for presenting in the conference was selected as a Talk, and I got an opportunity to present my ideas in front of a thousand awesome people!

Moreover, I was a speaker at the Panel Discussion on Gender Gap:"Where are the Women?" moderated by Bishakha Datta, at Wiki Conference 2011.

I love to excite people about Wikipedia, its beauty and the charm. Writing code for a wonderful cause, attending the monthly meetups, the summits and the work-days, and being surrounded by amazingly passionate Wikimedians -- I am blessed! :)

Best ever contribution to Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

I have taught my 65-year old Great aunt to edit Wikipedia. Yes, I do consider it to be my Best Ever Contribution to Wikipedia. :) You can read about the experience in Wikimedia Blog. It was such pleasure writing for them! :)