Good morning!

My name is Romy Ilano and I've used wikis before. However, I'm unfamiliar with MediaWiki and got lazy and abandoned using it on my own sites.



Thanks Wikmedia team!

  • Learned to do this on the Commons - Knowing how to upload files commons:Special:UploadWizard
    • Comment: Thanks for showing this to me! Is there a way to make a few things more clear?
      • Could you make more clear what the explicit link is to upload the photographs?
        • Is it good to make it not clear where the upload images link is so as to keep a functional barrier to entry, make users learn the culture a bit more, avoid putting inappropriate content up?
      • Sensitive to uploading appropriate content. Note that this may make a few people a little "scared" of uploading stuff even if it is appropriate.

Wikipedia Hackathon 2012[edit]

San Francisco Hackathon January 2012/

Projects and Teams[edit]

I'm interested in these projects so far:



  1. jQuery Mobile - Expert in UI stuff, not so much doing programmatic (sic) things
  2. Sencha Touch - Beginner Intermediate, I can copy the basic tabs and toolbar things
  3. jQuery - beginner
  4. javascript - dove into this, still a beginner but can follow if you hold my hand
  5. HTML5 CSS - beginner intermediate - interested, especially the webkit which I can make my way around
  6. SASS - I like sass! Is this useful for doing mobile web / android elements? It's all webkit anyway


Interested in trying these out, haven't

  1. PhoneGap - I could probably just do a dump of stuff you've already written
  2. Flash stuff, especially the hack type things like



History with Wikis

I've used wikis before with engineers. I love wikis. I guess wikis are sort of hard to use for non technical people, but I seriously don't find them that hard.

Wiki Therapeutic Session

I'm always confused why it's so hard to get business and marketing teams to do stuff like wikis, to document their work in a reasonable way. I've used many different project management systems and it's just very difficult to find intelligent people who are willing to work in a reasonable way with software developers. I've done cartwheels, I've handed out cupcakes, I've swayed a few souls into following the lead, I once even attempted hypnosis, I've played political games, but this is a very difficult feat. I'm not bitter, but I'm wondering why people who are earning six figures a year cannot work in a reasonable way. If you find the magic answer, I'll give you a cookie. I don't think the answer is in most enterprise software either because I've used the best across international organizations and those have all failed most of the time. Maybe this is an intelligence factor, maybe it's genetic, maybe some people are not destined to create value in such a way. Peace out.