Hi! I am Ankita Mandal and I am a second-year master’s degree student pursuing Masters in Computer Engineering (Specialization: Intelligent Networked Systems). I am a firm believer in open educational resources and the work the Wikimedia Foundation is doing. I have also been working at the Learning Technologies for the Centre for Information and Media Services at the University of Duisburg Essen, where I work as a full stack developer for e-learning applications and I have also contributed to Wikimedia Foundation while working. Here are some of the work I have done: A portal for vocabulary mastery intended for German high school students: Interactive Slides Ebook Project: A MediaWiki extension that allows admins to change the passwords of users at a single go:

I can code in Java, Python, PHP and Javascript (in decreasing order of proficiency).

I am interested in how AI and technology can affect education and alleviate illiteracy.