Hello 👋. I am Shashwat. I'm currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT), Pune.

I like exploring new technologies and primarily program in Python and Javascript. I spend most of my time creating and more recently, contributing to open source projects. While I mostly do Web Development, I do enjoy building CLI applications as well - this includes stuff like parsers, interpreters and TUIs. My knowledge in these areas is rather limited, but I’m always looking to learn more.

You can find me on Github here and can checkout my blog here


My proposal was accepted for GSoC 2022. You can find it here - Modernize JavaScript build process and dependencies for Wiki Education Dashboard

Here are the Bi-Weekly posts I wrote during my internship. They go into considerable detail the work I did during that time.

  1. Report 1
  2. Report 2
  3. Report 3
  4. Report 4
  5. Report 5

If you're in a hurry, you can also check out the Final Report, which covers all the major things I did during the 3 month internship.