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Sarvesh Gupta
Student, IIT-Roorkee, India

About me

Hi! I'm Sarvesh Gupta, Computer Science student at IIT-Roorkee, India. I'm experienced in developing web-applications. I'm new collaborator to MediaWiki, hoping to contribute something via GSOC. My interest mainly lies in developing web-app and knowing web related technology.

My Skills
  • Languages :Python, ,C++, Php
  • Client Side:JavaScript, Jade, Stylus, CoffeeScript
  • Databases :MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Frameworks :Django, jQuery, Bootstrap

My work

I've worked for Oregon State University Open Source Organization in last summer during GSoC-14, here is the link of abstract of work done to last year’s GSoC. Also I've worked for Automation and Tools unit of Mozilla, helping solve some bugs.

Contact me


Email : or

IRC nic : s1991 @ freenode

github profile