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Hello all,

Bottom Line: "Stub Threshold"[1], "Thumbnail Size"[2] and "Auto-Number Headings"[3] preferences are costly to maintain with very low usage. Please provide your feedback via each phabricator task before July 30 as we have a strong desire to deprecate these features.


  • We have identified a few features that are causing slower page loading for users with them enabled
  • Stub threshold, thumb size, and auto-number heading features have low usage, thus are planned to be deprecated
  • We are communicating out the plan to deprecate these 30 days in advance to give notice to those users that do depend on these features
  • We will leave consultation open until July 30 before we announce the deprecation of these features. Depending on the feedback received will help us inform our next steps on the support of these features.
  • Following the deprecations, these user preferences will be removed from all projects hosted by Wikimedia Foundation. All following MediaWiki releases will not include these options either.
  • Once these features are deprecated, MediaWiki can provide better caching performance across the board