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Who We Are[edit]

The Language community at Wikimedia brings together people from all over the world. This particular sub-project gains its values from its inherent diversity and global reach.

Most participants are from the various Wikipedia and other sister projects from Wikimedia, that exist in nearly 300 languages. They are the admins, editors, translators, developers and participants in various capacity.

Ably supporting them is the Wikimedia Language Engineering team, who are employees of the Wikimedia Foundation. They work closely with the language communities around the world and provide continuity to the internationalization efforts for Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia Language Engineering Team[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation Language Engineering team consists of opensource community members, developers and designers and have a combined working knowledge of over 15 languages. We work on projects that enable the MediaWiki platform to support every language on the planet.

Language Mavens[edit]

(Maven program) and (Who are the Mavens)

(List of Mavens: Will need constant monitoring)

Translation Communities[edit]


  • Tools and Extensions
  • Translate MediaWiki
  • Test Internationalized features
  • Lend a Hand