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Perside Rosalie (r054l13)
Perside Rosalie (r054l13)
Software Developer
In love with OpenSource and mostly Wikimedia foundation and its projects

About me

Hi! I am Perside Rosalie a computer Software Engineering student at the University of Buea-Cameroon. I am pursuing a Bachelor degree program and my expected graduation year is 2018. I am excited about OpenSource and mostly Wikimedia Foundation. I am also interested in serving on the Code of Conduct committee and helping in encouraging volunteers to read understand and follow the code of conduct for Wikimedia technical space. I like learning new things and having new experiences. I also like having fun, dancing and reading. My favorite color is black. ;)

My work

  • I joined Wikimedia Movement on October 21st 2015 and have been contributing both in fixing bugs, reporting new bugs, editing wikis and more. My major contributions are on MediaWiki Extensions, Wikimedia Emoji bot and Wikidata.
  • I am a member of the Wikimedia user group Cameroon and Program coordinator @ AWMD
  • I am also a current member of Wikimedia code of conduct committee(for technical spaces).
  • I am a GSoC-2018 intern at the Wikimedia foundation and I work on the project Emoji Twitter bot for Commons images from NYPL fork
  • I work on some personal projects and you can check my GitHub: github to see what I am working on or what I have been working on (even though some of my repos are private :)).

Contact me

  • E-mail : or
  • LinkedIn : LinkedIn
  • twitter : @__Perside__
  • IRC freenode : r054l13 on #wikimedia-dev-africa #wikimedia-dev #wikimedia-tech
  • Or leave a message on my talk page