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Perside Rosalie (r054l13)
Software Developer
In love with OpenSource and mostly Wikimedia foundation and its projects

About me

Hi! I am Perside Rosalie a computer Software Engineering student at the University of Buea-Cameroon. I am pursuing a Bachelor degree program and my expected graduation year is 2018. I am excited about OpenSource and mostly Wikimedia Foundation. I like learning new things and having new experiences. I also like having fun, dancing and reading and my favorite color is black. ;)

My work

  • I joined Wikimedia foundation on October 21st 2015 and have been contributing both in fixing bugs, reporting new bugs, editing wikis and more.
  • I am a member of the Wikimedia user group Cameroon and Program coordinator @ AWMD
  • I work on some personal projects and you can check my GitHub: github to see what i am working on or what i have been working on (even though most of my repos are private :)).

Contact me

  • E-mail : or
  • LinkedIn : LinkedIn
  • twitter : @__Perside__
  • IRC freenode : r054l13 on #wiki-dev-africa
  • Or leave a message on my talk page