MediaWiki is one of the many websites started by Wikimedia Organization. WikiMedia Organization was started to share knowledge. "Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world." says the webpage of WikiMedia. The most famous information website 'Wikipedia' is also a part of this. MediaWiki is and open source software. It is written in PHP. This proves that his organization was never started for personal benefit or for filling one's piggy bank but only for sharing knowledge as I said before. I always wanted to know who was the creator of Wikipedia. I found it and saw MediaWiki on the website but never considered to open it but I joined the Google-Melange's Code In competition and saw Wikimedia's task which also included MediaWiki. I finally found this website and now I regret of not opening it before. This website is very useful for people who look out for such things. One of the easiest things to do is to sign up for an account. You will be asked for a Username, Password, a security check and an optional e-mail address. Talking about the UI of the page, I wasn't impressed at start. The UI is simple and sober. But that's not too bad. Everybody knows that complex UI and even unnecessary decoration ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌looks unpleasant. But still the UI can be improved without bearing the loss of of the basic layout of the page. My suggestions for the page will be :-

  • Look out for a better logo. The current one is good but it's not matching with the logos of the other websites by WikiMedia Organization.
    Other WikiMedia logos have a little simple look. The logo of Media Wiki has a flower which can be replaced a logo which will have a flat look. That logo will match better with the current UI of the page.
  • A better UI can be made organizing the contents in different groups and enhancing the unique features and important data.
    Like when you search for a word in the search text box along with suggestion provide two links - 1. "look for the meaning in dictionary" 2. "google (or wikipedia) search". WikiMedia can also add a "Try Other Websites By WikiMedia Organization", "Other WikiMedia Projects" or "Search For (topic) On" section at the bottom of the webpages of all WikiMedia websites and give the names and logos of other websites started by WikiMedia. This will help the users to explore the topics of which he/she wants to information and also help the page to introduce new websites started by it. In the left panel provide links to the different essays and reports written by the user. Also when a user searches for something give usernames of different people on the page who have written something on the topic and provide a "Follow" button so that one can get the reviews of the person he/she follows in the notification area.
  • A small manual can be made regarding the content, signing up and a little information about the organization.
    By manual my meaning is a PDF file with information about - the type of content available on the website; its purpose; what can a user do on it and how to do them; the software, how to use it and how to upgrade to the new version; details about the account one will make and procedure of making one; T&Cs of the page. It is needed for helping the user and making the MediaWiki experience a pleasant one.
  • MediaWiki as a website is not much famous. Steps should be taken to make it popular.
    Advertising doesn't look like a good idea as it will be costly for a non-earning organization. Little things can be done like organizing a online competition. This will make millions of other people aware of the organization, it's purpose and will also benefit them. They will be able to share their ideas and knowledge on the website.
  • Extend the contents of the page.
    You can add a debate section or page where latest news and comments made by other user will be given. This will encourage people to open the page more often to get informed about the latest happenings and will also help the website achieve its goal of sharing knowledge. The current issues" page which is available at the moment only contain the issues about the page and not the outer world.
  • Don't not advertise on your page as the organization will not be independent anymore and will also the 'standard' of the organization will be lost.
    The reason I said that lies in the the point that a website which was made for sharing views, knowledge and information needs to be independent to prevent one-sided thinking. Advertising will make it difficult for the page to reach its destiny.
  • Provide Chat feature among users.
    This again enable the users to share knowledge not only in the forms of essays and report but also in a personal way and user which don't want to share their personal thinking on a large scale will feel comfortable.
  • Can also provide a Paid-premium membership which will include great features.
    As WikiMedia a non-earning organizing it may face financial problems in future. An optional paid membership will provide the organization some money to keep it running. the great features can include anything like some of the mentors' rights