Who am I?[edit]

My name is Remco de Boer. I am an IT architect and knowledge architect at ArchiXL, a Dutch IT architecture consultancy. I have always been interested in knowledge management, semantic technologies, and battling information overload. In 2009, I started actively using Semantic MediaWiki as a tool to manage architectural knowledge. Since then, we have applied Semantic MediaWiki as an (architectural) knowledge management environment for numerous organizations, many of them in the public and semi-public sector in the Netherlands.

I have become a big fan of MediaWiki, especially its semantic extensions wrapped together in the Semantic Bundle. In November 2011, I became one of the committers to the MediaWiki extensions code base. My main goal in this role is to push back to the community the enhancements we make, and the bugs we squat, while working with Semantic MediaWiki and other stuff from the Semantic Bundle.

Contact details[edit]

  • E-mail: remcocdeboer at gmail dot com
  • Skype: rcdeboer
  • MediaWiki SVN repo name: remco