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The goal of my Outreach for Women internship is to construct a battery of browser automation tests for the testing of Visual Editor. VisualEditor is a critically important feature of Wikimedia that has recently been deployed. VisualEditor will eventually become the default editor for Wikipedia and other Wikis, and thus it is important that its current features are tested thoroughly. These tests can then be run as regression tests to make sure nothing breaks as more new features are deployed to VisualEditor in future phases. The tests would be Accepted Test Driven Development tests written in Cucumber and falling under the same framework as the currently running web automation tests. The Cucumber tests would be coded using Ruby and Ruby Page Object Design, using the Watir web driver and Selenium. The tests would be run from Jenkins at Cloudbees and the hosting would be at SauceLabs.

Below is a list of possible features that I will write automated tests for in Visual Editor. The goal is to cover as many areas as I have time for in my 3 month internship. This document is subject to change depending on new features being added or changed within Visual Editor. Next to each feature are corresponding links for automated tests that have been written to test that feature.

To look at the comprehensive list of my contributions, go here.

VisualEditor Features to test[edit]

Login Tests[edit]

Login as user:
Login as anonymous:





Bullets, Numbering, Indent, Outdent[edit]

Media Items[edit]

  • Adding and editing inclusions of media items

Page Settings[edit]


  1. adding and editing inclusions of categories
  2. set, edit and remove the categories that a page belongs to as part of the new "page settings" dialog
  3. set, edit, remove "default sort" key, as part of the new "page settings" dialog
  4. <future>:to cover other "meta-data" like a page having the table of contents disabled

Language Links[edit]

  1. cover simple listing of language links
  2. <future>: integration with Wikidata's language links system

Bold, Italic, Clear Formatting[edit]

Strike through, underline, subscript, superscript[edit]




  1. browsers are now only blacklisted if we know that they cause significant problems, like Internet Explorer version 8 and below.
  2. If your browser is not known, you will get a notice alerting you to this issue (38128)

RTL Languages[edit]

  • Left and right arrow keys now move in the correct direction in RTL environments bug 38546

Table Headings (Future)[edit]

Important bugzilla bugs that arise[edit]