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MediaWiki groups require MediaWiki reps.

It's inevitable:

  • There needs to be a human link between the MediaWiki group and the rest of the community, including the Wikimedia Foundation and, eventually, a Wikimedia chapter.
  • Whoever is interacting on behalf of a WikiMedia group with other communities will be seen as a MediaWiki representative anyway.

Let's start simple. The only requirements are:

  • A section in your Talk page explaining your reasons to become a MediaWiki rep.
  • Announcement of your candidacy to mediawiki-l and wikitech-l.
  • Endorsements by at least two Wikimedia Foundation members or MediaWiki maintainers in that section of your Talk page.
  • Discussion period of at least 2 weeks.

The approval will be confirmed by Sharihareswara (WMF) and Qgil (bootstrapping reps governance) by listing you at /Groups/Reps.

Once we have a bunch of reps we can evolve based on need. See how e.g. Mozilla is organizing reps.