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How to obtain a Microsoft Translator API Access Token[edit]

Microsoft used to require a Bing appID earlier. Now that the API is available through the Azure marketplace, they require a newer authentication model. There is also a quota now limiting the free translations to 2.000.000 characters per month. The process of obtaining an access token (as described in MSDN or better in MSDN blog) is as follows:

  1. You need a free Microsoft account
  2. Subscribe to the Microsoft Translator API on Azure Marketplace
  3. Registration of your wiki with Azure DataMarket
    • Go to and click REGISTER
      • Client ID: Just choose whatever you like. Note it down!
      • Name: The name of your wiki
      • Client secret: This is already completed for you. Do not change it! Note it down!
      • Redirect URI: This field is not used by the Microsoft Translator API but you must enter something beginning with https. Suggestion is to use, where yourdomain is the domain name of your own site.