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Hi! My Name is PopbobHausemaster, or PopMaster on my signatures and Libera chat. I do not know how to use AutoWikiBrowser, and I try to do by best to work hard and do the right things and not edit unless I am mostly sure that my edits will not be reverted or cause me to be banned. If you use my talk page, please do not vandalize it, or I will have to take drastic action. Oh, and one thing, I am banned on Wikipedia, but I do not want to be treated badly because of it. That would be against Wikimedia Foundation rules (What starts in one wiki, stays in one wiki.)

If you would like to complain or state a problem that I have done, including you admins if you ban me, please state what I have done on my talk page and the reason why you do not like it.


My Mediawiki Talk: My Mediawiki Talk