JavaScript gadget to put toolbox links on pages related to a particular user.

Currently there is only one feature (Subpages). Some more will be added later, when migrated labsconsole: tools are available.


  • If your project has registered this as a gadget, just activate on your Preferences page.
  • Otherwise include the following lines into your common.js or skin dependant like vector.js:
  • If you are blocking scripts from sites other than your local Wiki you might need to put on the whitelist.
  • The gadget works also with non-WMF sites using MediaWiki 1.18 or higher.


The pages related to a particular user are:


A link is added to the portlet toolbox (usually on left hand side). It opens the list of all subpages related to this user.

If called from a user subpage itself, only this and deeper subpages are shown.

Special:Prefixindex is target here and cannot point to itself.


Source code
Namespaces -1, 2, 3
mw.libs userspaceLinks

Other languages[edit]

This gadget is prepared for multilingual support.